Thursday, December 10, 2015

@SpiralEducation- educational technology

Spiral Education
I have a confession. I am often a Beta tester of new technology.  I love to try out new educational technology. I've been blessed to have administrators who supported or tolerated my use of technology,  way before it was popular. This week I tried @SpiralEducation.

@SpiralEducation. They offered  FREE access to their product. Our IT guru responded to my request to try spiral by pushing it out to all of our devices. (Thank you, Mr. Guven!)
Spiral Education Intro Video

I particularly like the QuickFire option. I preloaded questions that we would normally use for discussion. I simply started QuickFire and placed a time limit on their responses. The students were able to see their anonymous responses appear on the whiteboard. So now, rather merely COLD CALL, I can expect to receive answers from every student. We were able to see and discuss the answers as they appear.  I can easily provide feedback and adjust as needed. Quiet/shy/introverted students can now respond without fear of appearing silly. I can count QuickFire responses for a grade, or use them to help inform the direction of my teaching.

In January, one of my classes will begin a Zombie Apocalypse synthesis group project. I plan on using Spiral Team for this project. If you  use Spiral Team, please contact me so that I can learn from your experience!

Our app

Quickfire - For quick Q&As in class


Quickfire enhances question and answer activities, enabling you to get the responses of the entire class in real-time.
Discuss - For class discussions and interactive presentations


A powerful tool for creativity, exploration and deeper learning, Discuss encourages students to share ideas with each other.
Team Up - A revolutionary app for PBL

Team Up

Facilitate group work - with students sharing ideas and building team persentations.

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