Sunday, December 27, 2015

NoRedInk-educational technology

For years, English teachers provided direct instruction followed by boring sentences and worksheets  for grammar practice.  Teachers continued to see mistakes in their students writing. @JScheur created NoRedInk to help provide more grammar practice, immediate, differentiated feedback, and a fun interactive way to get more practice.

Students enjoy the process of setting up their accounts. They eagerly select their interests so that their learning is personalized and relevant. Teachers can select assignments for a whole class that is differentiated at the sentence level  for each student based on their indicated interests. Students enjoy NoRedInk!  Students will ask if they can work on NoRedInk rather than another digital platform.
Teachers can track their students progress on individual assignments and skills. 

Teachers eager to provide even more practice can opt to upgrade to NoRedInk premium. Finally, this platform provides limitless practice for students.

My personal experience over 4 years convinces me that +NoRedInk is a preferable digital platform for our students to practice their grammar and mechanics. Our students consistently score better than the regional and state average. It is worth trying the program with your students!


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