Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Prospective teachers-helpful hints

      Prospective teachers this summer are calling to inquire, sending their resumes, and approaching our doors to inquire about available teaching positions.  Applicants! Please know this. We want to hire you!
Now, it is up to you to prove that you desire/deserve to be hired.  We know that your are nervous. It is completely natural to be nervous in your first job interview. Please look through the tips and resources below

     Some helpful interview tips from tonight's #ntchat

Megan van Deventer @megvandev suggested  writing down your teaching strengths & weaknesses... memories, words or specific accolades so you don't forget under pressure.
Sit up & sit forward, be engaged in the conversation. Make appropriate eye contact with everyone in the room.

r suggests if there is a student and/or a parent in the interview, ALWAYS ask them about there perspective on the year and hopes for next.

s not all interviews have people with nametags. I write names down and refer to them by name when responding.

Join Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul  for the New Teacher Twitter chat #ntchat on Wednesday
Visit her Evernote for a list of interview questions 

Visit     +Cybrary Man @cybraryman page for Teacher interview resources

Visit @Teachersnet article "10 Tips to Help You Break to the Front of the Interview Pack!"
By Randee Kallison 

     It is my desire to provide help and inspiration to educators. We need to kindle our flames so that together we can be mighty.  Feedback is always desired!

Suzanne Rogers
Suzanne rogers 

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