Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silly moment can encourage a creative moment

This morning I read Dean Shareski's blog regarding his IGNITE presentation at ISTE13
The Stupidest Creative Act | Ideas and Thoughts "Adults need to have fun so kids will want to grow up"~ Bauermeister. I love the way +Dean Shareski connects silly moments with incredible creative acts. It is a play on the idea that we must fail in order to suceed. But, silly moments are so much easier to understand. Despite fail meaning First Attempt in Learning, most adults have difficulty coming to grips with failure.

+Dean Shareski  's idea really resonates with me. I enjoy playing with new Web2.0 tools. I want to model for our staff the joy that students find in using technology. This year I created many staff oriented silly moments thinking that they would become inspired and begin to implement more technology for and with their students.
Teacher Appreciation Week
Students Thank their teachers (Testing 2013)

This summer I heard about a staff member (negative Nannette-fake name) who said that I must have way too much time on my hands to create these stupid technology pieces. This deeply hurt my feelings. I work into the wee hours creating this moments. It really only takes one negative comment to make me take a step backwards (at least for a moment). Then I remembered how much joy I have in using technology. So, I went back to an old friend-@Animoto and created a new moment for summer PD. Because my silly creations just might inspire a teacher to try one of these tools.

Thanks Dean Shareski for the reminder that silly is only one moment in time, but it might lead to any incredible creative moment!

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