Friday, April 11, 2014

#lovemyschoolday reflection

As I sit in an ER with an injured soccer player, I'm taking the time to reflect on how much I love my school. #lovemyschoolday. Our school is diverse, academically rigorous, and competition oriented, all the while helping to create young men and women of character.

During our 2 hour drive to the game, I had 4 students in my car. Our charter school does not have busses. I enjoy spending this time in conversation with our students. If we were on a bus, these conversations simply would not occur.  Today, 4 guys jumped in the car.   We began a conversation about the diversity present in the team, and more specifically at LISA Academy.  None of the boys identified as being from our state. They did self-identify as from Mexico, Palestine, Phillipine Islands, and Tennessee. We were diverse In our languages as well. While we all spoke English, it was a 2nd language for 3 students.  Our religious affiliations were also diverse. Two Catholics, 1 Episcopalian, 1 Muslim , and 1 Methodist.  We were very diverse, yet all enjoy our experience at LISA. We also had an in depth talk about the writing process and how to tie their passions into their writing to make it a more enjoyable experience.

As the evening continued, the boys began to score goal after incredible goal during the soccer game. This diverse group of young men banded together to share, rather than hog the glory. 6 people scored 7 points. They carefully set each other up to score. Awesome game with a wonderfully diverse group of athletes.  Toward the end of the game. Mohammed was knocked around and his knee was harmed. Teammates swarmed with concern. After parents were consulted, Mohammed was carried to my car for the short trip to the local ER. Two young men volunteered to accompany us, knowing that it would be very late when could begin our 2 hour drive home.  Rad and Marco (young men of fine character) kept Mohammed's thoughts off his injury during our trip to the ER.  One contacted Mohammed's brother and helped explain where we were located.

On the return trip, Rad spoke joyfully about the impending birth of a new family member. Surprisingly, the baby was born upon our arrival back at school, shortly before midnight. Rad was excitedly texting his family about potential names for the newborn.  He also spoke about his academic choices for The next morning. Leadership group, APUSH review, or Science Olympiad.  He sincerely wished he could attend all of these school events. He settled on the competition at a local university for his Science Olympiad team.

Of course, our school is not perfect, but this was the perfect end to what could have been a harrowing evening. A new life, a student recovering, a student focusing on academics, an athletic win for the entire team, and most importantly, a group of young men who continue to amaze me with their fine character. I love my school!


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