Thursday, August 22, 2013

First week of school 2013-A simple question.

I've have the privilege to serve as the Cluster of Director of Curriculum. Huh? I lead the development and implementation of curriculum across 5 campuses in Central Arkansas. I spend 2 1/2 days on each side the Arkansas River at LISA Academy. This is a thrilling time for LISA Academy. It is a thrilling time for me, personally. After 7 years on the West campus in a variety of positions, I am now straddling the river (perhaps unfortunate phrase) serving 5 schools on two different campuses.

Our first week continues to be inspiring. Our triad of passionate teachers, parents and students have made this first week of this year very satisfying as an educator. Our teachers on both sides of the river have spent the summer creating common units and common assessments so that LISA Academy can become even more data driven. Watching colleagues begin/continue to collaborate for the good of our students has been heartening.

Having worked in a 6-12 school for 8 years, I am especially enjoying spending time on our elementary campus. The smallest darlings and their parents kept me smiling all day on Monday.  I am truly blessed by this experience. Bouncing between similar, yet divergent campuses is a challenge, but it helps keep my eye on the importance of the Triad of passionate teachers, parents and students.

My question is simply. How does your campus keep the passion level high?

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